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Mineral waste assessment reports

Environmental sustainability is essential to Aquatico’s mission and vision. That’s why environmental monitoring and compliance initiatives as well as waste assessment play integral roles in the services Aquatico provides. The assessment of mineral waste aids the client in achieving waste management in a sustainable manner.

In assessing various types of mineral waste, Aquatico provides an avenue for the client to:

  • Establish potential structural, engineering, or compliance requirements to their waste disposal or holding facilities; or
  • Highlights the necessity for alternative approaches and planning.

Our approach to mineral waste analyses

Aquatico not only undertakes mineral waste analyses as stipulated in the legislation, but also provides quality reports categorising various types of waste for disposal to land, according to the National Norms and Standards.

Furthermore, this approach also extends to the classifying of treated sewage sludge for incorporation into agricultural practices.

Mineral waste assessment classification reports:

  • Determining waste types to aid in classification and licence requirements
  • Determining disposal facility and farrier design requirements

Pollution Expertise

We specialise in the formulation of mineral waste assessment reports of the following pollution sources:
  • Waste Rock dumps
  • Tailings facilities
  • Residue dumps
  • Discard dumps
  • Slurry facilities
  • Foundry sand
  • Mineral processing plant waste
  • Ash