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Water assessment

Aquatico can customise our scientific assessment reports to suit any requirement, and therefore offer a wide range of water quality assessment reports to our clients.

Our water quality assessment reports

Talk to our team of experts about:

  • Designing, implementing and managing a monitoring system
  • Surface quality assessments
  • Drinking water quality assessments
  • Blue drop and green drop assessments
  • SANS 241 portable water assessments
  • Water pollution tests
  • Groundwater quality assessments
  • Pollution source identification and investigation
  • License conditions assessments
  • Aquifer modelling [groundwater/numeric]
  • Groundwater flow predictions
  • Pollution plume modelling

Pollution Expertise

We specialise in the formulation of water quality assessment reports of the following pollution sources:
  • Water pollution
  • Groundwater pollution
  • Drinking water pollution
  • Return water dam
  • Tailings
  • Process water
  • Fissure water
  • Pollution control dam
  • E-coli pollution
  • Cholera pollution
  • Acid mine drainage pollution
  • Sewage pollution