field sampling is conducted using Mobile units, Geo-referencing, step-by-step protocols

Dust monitoring

The dust fall-out field monitoring services assess the operational impact on the environment in terms of air quality. This is done by means of trained technicians that follow specific sampling protocols and use state of the art equipment. The sample chain of custody is important, and all field conditions are recorded as part of the sample collection process. Collected sample containers are transported to the laboratory under controlled conditions where analyses are conducted under SANAS ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation (No T0685).

Aquatico dust deposition field monitoring services

• Supply and installation of single bucket dust fall-out monitors
• Collection and replacement of dust fall-out monitors
• Servicing of dust fall-out monitors

Our Expertise

We specialise in monitoring the following dust sources:

•    Mining dust
•    Agricultural dust
•    Industrial dust
•    Construction work dust
•    Nuisance dust
•    Fine particulate dust (PM2.5 and PM10)

What sets our field team apart?

Professionally Qualified Field Scientists
(degrees and / or diplomas)

Field teams are trained in sampling protocols, safe working procedures, and first aid

Professional high visibility sampling uniforms

Vehicles are compliant with even the stringiest safety specifications

Extensive sampling team with quick mobilisation

Until recently, dust fall-out monitoring equipment, which adhered to the strict ASTM D1739–98 regulations, were difficult or nearly impossible to come by in South Africa.

Dustco wanted to make a difference...

Realising this need, Dustco set out to create and manufacture fall-out dust solutions in South Africa that were 100% compliant to the legislation pertaining to the “Standard Test Method for Collection and Measurement of Dustfall”.

Aquatico only uses the Dustco units for dust deposition monitoring.