field sampling is conducted using Mobile units, Geo-referencing, step-by-step protocols

Geochemical and Mineral waste monitoring

As participants in achieving environmental sustainability by the application of environmental monitoring and compliance initiatives, waste assessment forms an integral part of Aquatico’s services. The assessment of mineral waste aids the client in achieving waste management in a sustainable manner.

Field monitoring services to assess the mineral waste quality is done by means of trained technicians that follow specific sampling protocols and that use state of the art equipment. The sample chain of custody is important, and all field conditions are recorded as part of the sample collection process. Collected sample containers are transported to the laboratory under controlled conditions.

Aquatico Mineral Waste Field Sampling Services

•     Rock dumps
•     Discard dumps
•     Tailings and slimes facilities
•     Wastewater sludge 

Our Expertise

We specialise in monitoring the following sources:

•    Waste Rock dumps
•    Tailings facilities
•    Residue dumps
•    Discard dumps
•    Slurry facilities
•    Foundry sand
•    Mineral processing plant waste