field sampling is conducted using Mobile units, Geo-referencing, step-by-step protocols

Occupational hygiene monitoring

Aside from sample analyses, Aquatico can assist in various specialist occupational hygiene assessments such:

•   Hazard identifications
•   Hazard quantifications
•   Health risk assessments

Investigative monitoring

Aquatico conducts specialised investigative monitoring including:

• Ventilation determinations
• Noise assessments
• Direct VOC measurements
• Direct gas measurements (SO₂ and CO₂)

Our Expertise

With regards to occupational hygiene, we specialise in the monitoring the following:

•   Airborne dust pollutants
•   Silica Dust
•   Welding Fumes
•   Diesel Particulate Matter
•   Toxic metal concentrations
•   Noxious gasses
•   Noise pollution
•   Inadequate ventilation