Saving the environment – one app at a time

Effective environmental monitoring relies on the seamless integration of the different aspects of environmental monitoring (field work, laboratory analyses, and scientific reporting). The more effective the integration of these three aspects, the more effective the environmental monitoring team. Aquatico attempts to work as effectively as possible to ensure the quickest turnaround time for our clients while not compromising on quality or content.

Therefore, Aquatico’s IT department has developed three in-house systems.
1.    An Android based mobile field work application.
2.    MONLIMS – A laboratory information and management system.
3.    RMS – Scientific reporting system.

1)    Fieldwork – Android App:
We ensure continuity and credibility through the use of a range of highly specialised sampling technologies such as electronic handheld devices which record and verify all sampling and field data. Our field technicians input field data – such as the locality information for each sampling position, into the app. The app also provides the field technicians with sample type, sample method, sample container, and captures sample coordinates and photos for each monitoring locality.

1)    Monlims:
The MONLIMS software assists the laboratory to effectively manage the samples and various analyses required. Direct integration between the mobile monitoring devices and the laboratory information management system (MONLIMS) speeds up sample logging and submission to the laboratory. It further reduces the possibility for data capture/loss errors in the field.

1)    RMS:
After the data has been captured in field and the samples have been analysed, the data is stored on a secure database, making it easily accessible for project managers when compiling reports to clients. RMS allows project managers to compile data into specific formats, graphs and specific reports customised to the client’s requirements.Our aim is to create reports that will turn our clients’ environmental data into management information and decision-making tools that can assess risk as measured against legislative criteria.

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Vacancy: IT / Full Stack Developer

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Dust monitoring service


At Aquatico, we specialise in monitoring the following dust sources:

• Mining dust
• Agricultural dust
• Industrial dust
• Construction dust
• Nuisance dust
• Fine particulate dust (PM2.5 and PM10)