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The Aquatico Group, specialising in

Environmental monitoring, laboratory analyses and scientific assessment reports

We are an environmental monitoring and testing laboratory based in Pretoria, South Africa. Since our inception in 1998, Aquatico has grown into a leading environmental monitoring service provider that offers cutting-edge technology and innovation to our extensive customer base.


Field Monitoring
and Sampling

At Aquatico, our team of trained environmental field technicians are able to perform sampling procedures in a variety of field conditions and geographical locations specialising in water, dust, occupational hygiene and mineral waste industries. Our team is supported by our fleet of all-terrain vehicles that conforms to client-safety requirements.


Aquatico is a SANAS
ISO/IEC 17025/2017 accredited chemical and microbiological testing laboratory. We offer our clients a wide range of accredited testing analyses (inorganic, organic & bacteriological). In order to deliver fast and accurate results, we make use of advanced technologies and highly qualified scientific personnel all housed in a modern, SANAS accredited laboratory facilities.


Aquatico offers various specialist
data processing and reporting
services in order to facilitate the interpretation of water quality assessments, occupational hygiene report results, dust deposition assessments and environmentally sustainable mineral waste assessments.

Why Aquatico?

When you ask our clients, they say:


Peace of mind – Aquatico will take care of everything!!
Your products serve the economy – and our tests help make that possible. Our track record and reputation for quality and reliability sets us apart from the competition.
Aquatico is known and trusted by Authorities as specialists in water quality monitoring.


We provide a personalised service to every client and every project throughout our extensive client base.
We understand that timely turnaround, superior quality and working with a laboratory that understands your needs are essential to a long-standing partnership.


Aquatico has been doing what we do best for more than 20 years. We therefore understand the challenges you face in the working environment. That’s why we provide you with access to our monitoring and water quality experts.


We are a preferred service provider when it comes to rendering the full spectrum of environmental monitoring services, from conducting field work for water sampling, through accredited analyses to compliance assessment and scientific reporting.

In order to stay at the forefront, Aquatico invests heavily in:

  • International trends and state-of-the-art technology.
  • Highly trained scientific staff.
  • Continuous development of in-house software in order to integrate all ourservices and deliver up to the minute data and management information.

Our goal is to provide our clients with a personalised service that will satisfy all their unique environmental monitoring requirements and analysis needs with results and reports that are internationally and nationally credible.

All our services can be offered as individual services or as a single, integrated scientific product.

Expect fast and accurate results at a very competitive pricing structure.

Our Clients

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