water is precious – Know your water quality!
Water analysis

Water analysis laboratory

At Aquatico’s water analysis laboratory, it is our goal to remain agile in this ever-evolving industry and continually strive to extend our current scope of analytical water services.

Other testing services available:

•    Surface water quality testing and analysis
•    Groundwater quality analysis
•    Drinking water analysis
•    Waste water analysis
•    Inorganic analysis – major cations/anions
•    Physico chemical analysis

•    Organic analysis
•    Microbiological analysis
•    Borehole water quality testing and analysis
•    Metal scan
•    Hydrocarbon analysis
•    Environmental health analysis

Our expertise available

monitoring programmes

We specialise in analysing the water quality of the following sources:

•    Water pollution
•    Groundwater pollution
•    Drinking water pollution
•    Return water dam
•    Tailings
•    Process water
•    Fissure water
•    Pollution control dam
•    E-coli pollution
•    Cholera pollution
•    Acid mine drainage pollution
•    Sewage pollution

What sets our laboratory apart?

Quick turnaround

Priority samples
(under 24 hours)

Cutting edge technology with minimal human interaction

Extensive scope of accredited testing methods