Leaders in environmental
monitoring and testing

About Aquatico

Aquatico belongs to future generations

Aquatico is a ISO/IEC 17015:2017 SANAS Accredited Testing Laboratory, No. T0685 & T0818 based in Pretoria, South Africa. Since our inception in 1998 Aquatico has grown into a leading environmental consultancy

and analytical facility that offers cutting-edge technology and innovation in field monitoring, laboratory analysis, quality control, data management and scientific reporting.

Our values

  • A continuation and expansion of investment in people and technology.

  • Creating a work environment that allows for the continuous development and empowerment of individuals as essential contributors to the success of the company.

  • Developing a highly-skilled and experienced team of multi-disciplined scientists who can form a link between monitoring the environment and the management and engineering of environmental solutions.

  • Seeking a collective character in our team of young, innovative and gifted people who take pride in their work in order to combine intellect and services that enhance our products in the best interest of our clients.

  • Maintaining a personal relationship with clients and buying into their vision for the future by providing a fast, accurate and quality service.

  • Implementing honest principles that accept revenue as an eventuality but always firstly focusing on service delivery and providing solutions for our clients.

  • Measuring Aquatico’s success against its position within the marketplace, followed by the well-being of its personnel and only then its financial accomplishments.

  • Maintaining a working environment, which offers professionalism, respect, pride and mentorship that will enable Aquatico to continue building its vision for future generations.

Our markets

Aquatico serves all nine South African provinces. We have extended our services into Africa and are now serving several SADEC countries, such as: Angola, Democratic, Republic of Congo, Malawi, Namibia, Mozambique, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

Our head office, that also hosts our modern, state-of-the-art, SANAS ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited testing laboratory is situated in Pretoria, Gauteng.

We do work in the following industries:

◆    Mining (coal, iron, diamond, platinum, gold, other)
◆    Agriculture
◆    Environmental consultants
◆    Industry
◆    Residential Estates
◆    Department of Water Affairs
◆    Municipalities

Sustainability & BEE

Aquatico aims to become a global leader in environmental monitoring and water testing. In achieving this goal Aquatico aims to become a vehicle for future generations and assist in the collective search for sustainable global development.

We value the various contributions we can make towards social upliftment and the training and empowerment of young black scientists in South Africa. As part of our vision and in support of the principles of BEE, we align our skills development programme of formal training and mentorship with national requirements thereby increasing the South African scientific resource pool.

​Aquatico is proud to offer a BEE status that is aligned with the requirements of our client base. In partnership with Agile Capital (Pty) Ltd, we have increased the black ownership level of the company to 51%, and the black women ownership to 30%, to proudly obtain B-BBEE Level 1 certification.

This exciting partnership allows Aquatico to enhance its goals of maintaining its high contribution level in terms of the BEE codes of practice. It further allows Aquatico to be compliant to Note 7 of the South African Mining Charter with regards to HDSA participation.