field sampling is conducted using Mobile units, Geo-referencing, step-by-step protocols

Environmental field monitoring

At Aquatico, our team of trained environmental field technicians can perform sampling procedures in a variety of field conditions and geographical locations specialising in water, dust fall out, occupational hygiene, geochemical mineral waste industries. Our team is supported by our fleet of all-terrain vehicles that conforms to client-safety requirements.

Aquatico Field Monitoring Areas of Expertise

We test:

Surface water, Groundwater, Drinking water, Wastewater, Process water, Effluent water
and Borehole yield

We conduct:

Compliance sampling, hazard identifications and quantifications, Health risk assessments and Investigative monitoring

We supply:

Supply and install single bucket dust fall-out monitors
Collect and replace dust
fall-out monitors
Service dust fall-out monitors

We test:

Rock dumps, Discard dumps, Tailings and slimes facilities and Wastewater sludge

Why choose Aquatico for your environmental field monitoring project?

At Aquatico our customer-centric approach together with our use of innovative, cutting-edge technology and adherence to international accreditation and standards, make us a preferred partner in environmental field monitoring and testing. Here is a list of protocol we follow in order to ensure the best results.

Mobile Units: All field monitoring is conducted with the use of mobile electronic units. With each monitoring locality a set of predefined observations – customised by the project manager i.e. flow, water level, smell etc. – is answered. The software will not allow the technician to continue to the next step without entering the required information.

Photographs: Prior to taking a sample, our software requires that a field agent captures a photograph first. This photograph is then automatically named and filed, with time and date details as well as GPS coordinates saved as reference to the sample. This serves as an effective audit trail for sampling.

GPS Geo-referencing: The GPS coordinates taken within the above step will be verified against the predefined coordinates for this locality. As soon as the technician is outside a 30m radius of the predefined position for the specific monitoring locality, the software will immediately prompt an on-screen warning.

Pre-bar-coded containers: All sample containers are pre-bar coded and the technician must scan the sampling container prior to taking the sample. This not only ensures the correct locality is sampled but also that the correct sampling container type is used (i.e., organic samples in glass bottles, microbiological samples must be in sterile containers etc.).

Managed step-by-step execution: Only at the point where all the requested tasks are completed will the software acknowledge that the function is completed and prompt the technician to proceed to the following locality.

Unique software: Once the field technician arrives back at the laboratory, all the samples are delivered to sample reception area and sample information is automatically transferred to the software system.

Electronic cooling units: All samples taken in the field are stored in National Luna cooling units to ensure proper sample transport to the laboratory (at ±4°C).

Aquatico field monitoring/

testing services

Aquatico can assist customers with a diverse range of field monitoring, sampling and testing services including:
  • Surface and groundwater monitoring
  • Water quality sampling assessments (testing)
  • Dust fall-out sampling (testing)
  • Occupational hygiene sampling (testing)
  • – Hygiene tests in the workplace i.e. change houses, gymnasiums, kitchens
  • Borehole yield tests for aquifer parameter determination
  • Borehole purging
  • Hydrocensus surveys
  • Water user surveys
  • River and open water body profiling
  • Groundwater modelling
  • Pollution plume modelling