field sampling is conducted using Mobile units, Geo-referencing, step-by-step protocols

Water monitoring

Aquatico’s water monitoring field services

With regards to water monitoring, our field services include:

  • Surface and groundwater monitoring
  • Water quality sampling
  • Borehole yield tests for aquifer parameter determination
  • Borehole purging
  • Hydrocensus surveys
  • Water user surveys
  • River and open water body profiling
  • Groundwater modelling
  • Pollution plume modelling

Our Expertise

We specialise in the sampling of the following water sources:

•    Water pollution
•    Groundwater pollution
•    Drinking water pollution
•    Return water dam
•    Tailings
•    Process water
•    Fissure water
•    Pollution control dam
•    E.coli pollution
•    Cholera pollution
•    Acid mine drainage pollution
•    Sewage pollution

What sets our field team apart?

Professionally Qualified Field Scientists
(degrees and / or diplomas)

Field teams are trained in sampling protocols, safe working procedures, and first aid

Professional high visibility sampling uniforms

Vehicles are compliant with even the stringiest safety specifications

Extensive sampling team with quick mobilisation