We create highly accurate and scientifically credible reports

Data management and scientific reporting

A team of skilled scientists, supported by Aquatico’s reporting software, can produce weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports where environmental data is measured against the client’s unique environmental management system. Reporting can be customised to suit very specific requirements across all management levels.

Emphasis is placed on turning environmental data into management information that can assess risk as measured against legislative criteria.

Our assessment services

Aquatico can customise our scientific reporting to suit any requirement, and therefore offer a wide range of water quality assessment reports to our clients.

Aquatico offers various data processing services in order to facilitate the interpretation of occupational hygiene report results. This can be tailored to satisfy clients exact requirements.
At Aquatico, we base the design, management and reporting of dust fall-out assessments on the requirements set out in the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) methodology.
Environmental sustainability is essential to Aquatico’s mission and vision. That’s why environmental monitoring and compliance initiatives as well as waste assessment play integral roles in the services Aquatico provides.

Reasons to choose Aquatico to assist with your environmental assessments

Customisation: We can customise reporting to suit very specific, unique requirements across all management levels throughout your entire company.
Integrity: We use a secure MS SQL Server Database to ensure the safety and integrity of our clients’ environmental data at all times.

Benchmarking: Each client’s data is maintained and verified against previous statistics to ensure a credible and continuous data timeline. This enables us to re-analyse samples should it be required

Compatibility: Data can be imported or exported in any required format to allow integration with our clients’ internal database systems.

Management Reports: Our aim is to create reports that will turn our clients’ environmental data into insightful knowledge and become a critical decision-making tool in order to assess risk as measured against legislative criteria.

What sets our reporting apart?