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Amendments in the waste regulations led to a paradigm shift in waste management activities in South Africa. For Aquatico, one of our prerogatives is to aid our clients in their quest to achieve environmental legal compliance. We do this through providing a full range of environmental monitoring, analyses and scientific reporting services, including mineral waste assessments.
The fundamental goal of waste management moved away from landfilling and towards prevention, re-use, recycling and recovery, in order to promote sustainability. Waste assessment forms part of the waste hierarchy and aims to reduce impacts of waste.
One of the many services Aquatico provides is the assessment of mineral waste to contribute to the classification process for barrier system compliance (GNR 636) and labelling/placarding. According to Schedule 3 of the National Environmental Management: Waste Amendment Act, 2014, residue deposits and residue stockpiles are categorised into Category A – Hazardous Waste.
Based on this amendment, it is mandatory to undertake the waste assessment analysis on all residue stockpiles and deposits, within 3 years from commencement of the regulations (which will expire in August 2016). Any such stockpiles* which have not yet been classified or had previously been evaluated, needs to be reassessed under the new regulations. These regulations further extend towards limiting transport of waste without the necessary safety data sheets.
In addition to the mineral waste assessment, Aquatico also provides sewage sludge classification, according to the Guidelines for the Utilisation and Disposal of Wastewater Sludge (WRC, 2006).
Should you require any assistance in the assessment of mineral waste or sewage sludge classification, feel free to contact us.
*Examples of stockpiles and deposits:  debris, discard, tailings, slimes, screening, slurry, waste rock, foundry sand, mineral processing plant waste, ash, etc.
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